about us

Décoration d'Autrefois is an online boutique specializing in old-fashioned decor (unbelievable but true!).


What happened?

After running a decorating boutique for a few years, we decided to create Décoration d'Autrefois in 2012. Our small business quickly expanded. Since then, our brand has evolved every year, offering more and more items.

Our aim?

Bring back to life a few memories through an aged wooden clock, a jam cabinet from another era or a pretty wooden bench.

Granted, we may be a little (a lot?) nostalgic, but we're always in tune with the times! It's a fact: handcrafted furniture looks great in a trendy decor in search of authenticity. But if you're a decorating enthusiast or an unconditional fan of Stéphane Plaza, you already know that...

In the long term, we want to present a complete catalog so that every visitor can find what they're looking for.


What do we offer?

Our furniture is handcrafted by talented artisans. In fact, we call on independent designers who share our vision and values to offer products that are aesthetic, qualitative, functional and unique. There are two reasons for this.

The first? To pamper you and make you happy. We can't stress this enough: YOU ARE WELL VALUED!

And the second? A happy customer is a loyal customer. Yes, we're counting (a little) on you to save us the cost of a major advertising campaign...

Our strength?

Our integrity

We make a point of offering fair prices, unlike many of our competitors. How do we do this? Quite simply, by limiting the number of middlemen, as well as the presence of costly boutiques and showrooms, which have a consequent impact on selling prices.

Our team

Strong, passionate, daring and creative, our teams possess all the qualities essential to the development of our brand.

Our commitment

Concerned about the future of our planet, we take great care in selecting our partners. What's more, we support associations that respect the environment. As such, we give you the opportunity to make donations to support these fine initiatives

What do we hope?

That you'll continue to place your trust in us. We still have lots of great ideas to share...