satisfied or your money back




Can I cancel or change my current order ?

There are two possible scenarios:

  • Your order has not yet been shipped. In this case, you can cancel your order without penalty. Handy for the undecided !
  • Your order has already been shipped. You must refuse the parcel on receipt. As soon as our warehouses receive your package, we will give you a full refund, except for the return shipping costs.

In both cases, you must inform us using the following form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-us.


How much time do I have to change my mind ?

Change your mind after receiving such an exceptional article? Would you really? Well, it's your choice after all...

For your information, you have 14 days to change your mind and make a return.

However, this period is 30 days in the case of a subscription to the Tranquility Pack (VIP special!)


I don't like my item / I've changed my mind. How do I make a return ?

Granted, given the quality of our articles, this is a science-fiction possibility! But let's imagine this almost improbable scenario... If you'd like to return an article, here's how to do it:

  • Click on the following link to access our form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-us.
  • Specify the reason for your return (we're curious to know!).
  • Once your return has been accepted (as much as it pains us to do so), access your order tracking under My account/My orders.
  • Click on the "PDF" icon in the Invoice column to the right of your order.
  • Print the invoice and insert it in the box (if you still haven't changed your mind...).
  • Remember to take photos of the item before shipping to prove its conformity.
  • Return the item at your own expense to the address given.

However, in the case of a subscription to the Tranquility Pack (VIP special!)

Please note that you must :

  • Make a complete return, including the products, original packaging, instructions, accessories and a copy of the invoice.
  • Return items in perfect condition (neither soiled nor damaged). It makes sense, but we want to make it clear..

Are my shipping costs refunded if I return a product ?

  • If you have not opted for the Tranquility Pack: you are responsible for shipping costs in the event of a return.
  • If you have opted for the Tranquility Pack: you benefit from free returns (lucky you!).

How long does it take to get my money back?

Refunds are generally made within 7 days of receipt of your package by our logistics provider.


There was a delivery error

In the event of a delivery error (wrong item received), refuse the parcel, make a claim using our following form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-usAnd don't hold it against us. I promise, this mistake will be quickly forgotten when you discover your wonderful order!


My order is incomplete.

Even the most extraordinary teams make mistakes (so they say)! As a result, it's possible (though very rare) for an order to arrive incomplete.

For this reason, it is very important to check your package upon delivery. If you notice that one or more items are missing, you must :

  1. Specify this on the delivery note
  2. Make a claim within 3 days of delivery using the following form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-us.

If you have ordered two items, one of which is bulky, a single parcel may be mentioned. In this case, please indicate the missing item (unless otherwise stated, we send all items in a single shipment).

We invite you to examine the delivery note carefully: check the number of packages, as well as the weight (the latter should be consistent).


My order is incomplete and I did not specify this on the delivery note.

As explained above, you are responsible for checking the entire package upon delivery. If you make no mention of an oversight on the delivery note, you will not be entitled to a refund. Please note subject to unpacking has no legal value.

Nevertheless (you never know!):

  1. Make a claim by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within 3 days of delivery to the carrier.
  2. Please inform us in parallel using the following form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-us.

I have received a damaged item or the package is obviously damaged.
What should I do?

We take particular care with our products, from manufacturing to packaging (we admit, we're a bit of a stickler). So we guarantee delivery in the best possible conditions !

As a result, receiving a damaged item is a rare occurrence. But you may be extremely unlucky, and we feel sorry for you !

If you receive a damaged item, here is the procedure to follow in order to benefit from the guarantee offered by the carrier:

  • Note the reference number of the damaged product on the delivery note and specify the exact nature of the damage.
  • Take photos of the carton and damaged product (if possible).
  • Refuse the parcel if the damage is significant (if you wish).
  • Make a claim within 3 days of delivery using the following form:https://www.decoration-dautrefois.com/en/contact-us.
  • Please accept our apologies and continue to place your trust in us.

A new shipment will be scheduled as soon as we receive the damaged parcel to make up for it !


I received a damaged item, but I did not indicate this on the delivery note

No claim will be accepted without mention on the packing slip. We know it's hard, but without it, it's impossible to take action with the carrier...

Nevertheless (you never know!):

We also remind you that the words subject to unpacking has no legal value. Consequently, you will not be able to request a refund.