Comptoir Bar ancien: history

In the past, bar counters were found only in bistro-style establishments. Initially made of wood, this piece of trade furniture was eventually covered in marble or zinc. Its shape, like its materials, evolved to take on a more seductive look. In the 1980s-1990s, bar counters made their way into family homes with the trend towards American-style open kitchens. Today, it is regarded as a multi-functional piece of furniture (pass-through, room divider, table, bar...) coveted by decorating enthusiasts.

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Wooden bar counters: our catalog

We offer a varied selection of vintage bar counters. In fact, you can fall under the spell of a vintage wooden bar counter in a variety of designs. Industrial and Scandinavian for those who love contemporary decor; country and romantic for those who love period decor. To satisfy everyone, our catalog features bar counters in a wide range of colors (light, natural or dark wood), sizes and features (bottle storage, drawers, doors, shelves...).

Antique bar counters: your choice

You can use a bar counter to delimit space and separate your kitchen from your living area. In this case, it acts as a pass-through. However, a solid wood bar countertop can also be used as a central island. It will bring a touch of authenticity while making your room more functional. Last but not least, a handcrafted bar counter can be the star piece of furniture in your living room. You'll enjoy a bar area that will delight your guests and add character to your interior. In terms of style, an industrial bar counter will emphasize a certain modernity, while a country-style bar counter will reinforce the charm of the old.