our commitments
nature and animals

As we all know, talking about nature and animals is a real commercial asset these days. However, our commitment is the result of our sincerity, not a desire to falsify our image. We believe it is necessary to act.


But why?

Our resources are not inexhaustible. We cannot consume the Earth as we do on a daily basis..

Animals count.
Today, we arewitnessing a sad balance sheet

60% of wild animals have disappeared in just 40 years. Our breeding, transport, fishing and slaughter conditions are all too often intolerable.

It's important to react before it's too late.
We can no longer live blindly..

So why not stop being selfish?

What if we dared to open our eyes?

What if we respected all species (animal and plant)?

What if we finally accepted our responsibilities?

How can we do this?

By paying attention to what we consume, and favoring useful purchases, even on our website. Yes, yes, it's possible, we assure you!

By helping associations on a regular or occasional basis. On our site, you can make a donation to one of the associations we support when you validate your basket.


How can we help?

We wrote this article to make you aware of the future of our planet (yes, yes, it counts).

We use solid wood to create our furniture. For your information, solid wood is a sustainable, renewable and recyclable material, but that's not all! It also helps to

Reduce the greenhouse effect thanks to its natural CO2 storage capacity.
Save energy during processing (compared to other materials frequently used in furniture design).
Minimize chemical treatments for finishing.

Many pieces of furniture are made from recycled wood. Because we all deserve a second chance!

We believe in less is more. So we produce our collection in small quantities to avoid waste.

With EcoMobilier, we help you find local solutions for recycling your used furniture.

We chose a logistics partner with a zero impact objective (ISO 14000 standard in progress). Forexample

Their handling equipment is manual or electric (zero pollution).
All their residues are recycled locally (paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and metals). Remaining waste is sorted or reused.
Suppliers and partners are committed to a genuine sustainable development approach.

Eventually, we want all our wood to be FSC® or PEFC™ certified. Our aim? To guarantee you the use of legal wood that does not contribute to deforestation.

So why don't we continue together?